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Plumbing & Mechanical Services (UK) Industry Pension Scheme Terms & Conditions for Employer Portal

The Employer Portal includes information that the Scheme’s administrators and professional advisors have agreed with the Trustee to provide to you as representative of a Participating Employer. The Employer Portal exists to provide access to Scheme information (the ‘Purpose’). These terms apply to the pages of the Scheme website that become accessible to you after registration, together (the ‘Employer Portal’).

The Employer Portal gives access to the following information:

  • A quarterly funding level update.
  • A quarterly asset statement.
  • An annual covenant update.
  • Formal actuarial valuation documents.
  • Schedule of Contributions.
  • Statement of Funding Principles.
  • Employer newsletters, annual reports and financial statements for the Scheme.
  • Any other documents of relevance.

Together (the ‘Information’).

When you register to use the Employer Portal, you agree that:

  1. The Information has been prepared for the Trustee of the Plumbing & Mechanical Services (UK) Industry Pension Scheme for the Trustee’s use. It was not prepared for your use or with your interests in mind.

  2. The Information relies on membership data and information provided by the Trustee to the professional advisers.

  3. It may not include all background data and it has not been updated since the date it was prepared. You are responsible for taking your own advice to ensure you understand the Information.

  4. The Information should not be used by you as a substitute for any professional advice which ought to be undertaken by you.

  5. Neither the Trustee nor its professional advisors are responsible for advising you in connection with any of the Information accessible in the Employer Portal or otherwise. You are only authorised to access the information in relation to the purpose.

  6. You are not entitled to rely upon the Information. You agree that, should you choose to do so, you use and/or rely upon the information entirely at your own risk. No duty of care nor liability is or will be accepted by the Trustee or its professional advisers or any of their affiliates including each of their respective directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents, sub-contractors and any successors, assigns and personal representatives (together the ’Consulting Parties’) to you or any third party to whom you disclose any of the Information, for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the Information, howsoever arising, whether arising in or for breach of contract, tort (including negligence), misrepresentation, misstatement, breach of statutory duty or otherwise in respect of or arising out of the preparation and/or disclosure of the Information to you. You hereby agree to waive, release and discharge the Trustee, its Professional Advisers and the Consultant Parties from all causes of action, proceedings, liabilities, claims, suits and demands of whatever nature (whether based in contract, tort, negligence, breach of any stature of otherwise) which you or any person claiming through you may have against us or any Consultant Parties concerning the Information.

  7. You and your affiliates’ directors, officers, LLP members (if relevant) or employees who need to see the Information for the Purpose and you will procure that such persons comply with these terms of use for the Employer Portal;The Information is confidential, and you will not obtain any intellectual property rights in the Information. Other than as required by law, regulation or in compliance with your professional duties, you may not disclose, replicate, reproduce, publish, refer to or quote any part of the Information to any other party, without the prior written consent of the Trustee and its Professional Advisers, other than to:You and your affiliates’ directors, officers, LLP members (if relevant) or employees who need to see the Information for the Purpose and you will procure that such persons comply with these terms of use for the Employer Portal;
    a. You and your affiliates’ directors, officers, LLP members (if relevant) or employees who need to see the Information for the Purpose and you will procure that such persons comply with these terms of use for the Employer Portal;
    b. The Trustee, if required in relation to the Purpose; and

  8. Any Information disclosed in accordance with paragraph 7 above, shall be in its complete form including any caveats, qualifications and disclaimers.

These Terms & Conditions supersede all other statements and representations made in respect of the Information. If any part of these terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable then the remainder of the term and all other terms shall remain enforceable or the extent permitted by law.

You may retain a copy of the Information and all notes and other materials in your possession or control which are derived from the Information for the purposes of complying with law or in accordance with your internal compliance and business continuity procedures provided that the Information and such derived materials continue to remain subject to these terms & conditions.

These terms shall apply to any additional clarifications, explanations or further information (orally or in writing) that we may provide to you in relation to the Information.

Nothing in these terms shall exclude or in any way limit any liability which may not be excluded or limited as a matter of law.

The Scheme and these terms are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with Scottish law. The courts of Scotland have jurisdiction to settle any disputes which may arise out of or in connection with these terms.

The data you use to register for using the portal, will be cross-referenced against the employer details held on record by the Scheme. If the data submitted is different to that held by the Scheme this will be checked and the Scheme data updated. Data is handled in accordance with the Scheme privacy policy which can be found here.

You are responsible to ensure that your login details are kept secure, if you believe your details have been compromised, please notify the administration team using the contact details on the Scheme’s website so that your password can be reset.

Every effort is made to keep the website working and running smoothly. However, the Trustee takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

To the fullest extent of the law, in no event shall the Trustee or associated third parties and/or its suppliers be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages or losses of any kind whatsoever arising from the use or performance of this website or related services.

We accept no liability for the transmission of viruses or any other malicious content or pop-ups from third party websites as a result of viewing this website. This disclaimer should be read in conjunction with our website terms and conditions which governs your use of our website.

LAST UPDATED August 2023