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Member complaint form

If you are unhappy about some aspect of the Scheme, you can use this form to make a formal complaint to the Trustee under the Internal Disputes Resolution Procedure (IDRP). Before making a formal complaint, you may wish to check that it is not possible to resolve your issue informally without using the formal IDRP. You should also read the IDRP guide, which is available here.

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Member complaint form

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Section 1

Scheme member details

Section 2

Person making complaint (if different from person in section 1)

Section 3

Representative acting on behalf of complainant (if applicable)

Section 4

Details of complaint

Please provide as much information as you can about your complaint in the box below, including details of how you would like the Trustee to remedy any harm done to you.

Section 5

Data protection statement and member declaration

We will hold your data in accordance with all relevant data protection legislation.

We recommend that all members read the Scheme’s Privacy Notice, which sets out full details of how the Scheme uses and discloses members’ personal information, and their privacy rights in relation to that personal information. The Scheme’s Privacy Notice can be found here, or by contacting us using the contact information below to request a hard copy.

  • The information I have entered above in relation to my personal details and any other party authorised to act on my behalf is correct.
  • I am aware of and have had the opportunity to read the Scheme’s Privacy Notice referred to above.
  • I am giving my authority for the Scheme to liaise with any third party that I have nominated to deal with this matter on my behalf and to disclose and obtain from them and any other relevant party any and all information as may be necessary to properly consider my complaint.

What to do next

If you have any evidence you wish to submit alongside your form, please send it to:


Trustee Secretary
Plumbing Pensions (UK) Limited
Bellevue House, 22 Hopetoun Street
Edinburgh, EH7 4GH